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Online personal training gives you the the peace of mind that your getting the proper structure in your training and nutrition programs.
Get Motivated’s Online personal trainers have been working with individuals since 2002 and have always created strong relationships with their clients and keeping them accountable at all times with constant ongoing support.

When you’re being coached by one of our team you will get ongoing support, accountability and our aim is to keep you committed to reaching your health and fitness goals.


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    The Optimal Guide to Health and Fitness - GET MOTIVATED Online Fitness

    There are many books out there on resistance training, nutrition and general well being yet only a few will have a positive impact.

    This book is based on many hours of research, endless trial and error scenarios on what works and what doesn’t over the last 20 years of being a health and fitness coach.

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    About Get Motivated

    Hi, my name is George Saragas and I am the Director of Get Motivated. 

    I have worked in the Health and Fitness industry since 1996 and have been helping people like you get in to the best shape of their lives.

    It is a great passion of mine to see Get Motivated grow as a company and to see my clients achieve their goals and become confident, happy and positive towards life. I bring methods to training to test your mental capabilities as well as physical.

    My areas of expertise include nutrition, strength and conditioning, sports specific, weight loss, contest preperation, injury rehabilitation, post pregnancy.


    Staying motivated to exercise day in day out is not easy especially if you’re just starting out. In, fact
    people that exercise would agree with me when I Say some days they got it and some they don’t.

    Whatever your goal is whether it is fat loss, muscle gain, cardiovascular fitness, you may be surprised to
    realise that you are not different from people who exercise on a daily basis. So what are these people
    doing different to stay committed to their goal. MINDSET! It’s all in your attitude.




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    Book Excerpts




    • Chapter 5: Calories In vs Calories Out Myth

      A method to be used instead of the calorie counting way is to calculate the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fats needed per meal.

    • Chapter 3 : Macronutrients

      Try to minimize water intake 60-90 minutes pre bedtime to avoid waking through the night having to run to the toilet.

    • Chapter 2: Nutrition

      Your eating will be crucial to your end result on this plan. Your primary focus here is to eat clean! The simpler the food the better it will be for you.


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